A directory of 5,109 weblogs in and around London, spread across 628 stations on 26 lines.

The London Weblog Directory

This site is a directory of weblogs written by people who live or work in london, organised by the rather iconic London Tube map (actually the London Oyster rail services map).

The source code and station/line data that powers this site is available on GitHub.

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Weblog Browser

We've built a neat little widget that you can put on your weblog. When people click on it, they get a little popup menu of weblogs at your station.

You can grab your copy by visiting the page for your station, and you can see a demo here.

UK Weblogs

For more UK-related weblog goodness, check out the Recently Updated GBlogs listing. It's possible that BritBlog might comeback to life too.

Recently Added Weblogs

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