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real shoreditch high street


Written by John of Hoxton
Added 9th June 2007

Stations: Liverpool Street, Old Street, Shoreditch Highstreet

it deals realistically both seriously and light heartedly with the history of shoreditch.. it also deals with changing Shoreditch today.. There is a companion bog called http://www.appyoxton.blogspot.com titled appy oxton and sharing shoreditch.. one blog is written as a blog the other is delibaretly writting in a \"TANGENTIAL\" manner with links going off at tangents and you have to really dig within the blog including all comments to piece together the fragmented history of Shoreditch.. that seems nowadays only to exist on the web and in university libraries..it does like the area it depicts allow artistic licence and you can navigate through it any in order you like.. the links are often delibaretly not obviously connected they are desultory just like the area itself

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