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Written by anthony wong
Added 31st December 1969

Stations: Pimlico, Vauxhall

this is a weblog to show what insights u have obtained as u live ur life. i will be posting my insights and i would be happy for u to add yours. my friend rita told me this joke. she was sitting at the back of the car when her lady friend was learning to drive. During the lesson, the driving coach said to Rita\'s friend , \"you can change the gear now.\" Her friend, concentrating hard, and gripping the steering wheel, and looking determinedly ahead snapped back, \"not now , i am too busy.\" We really had a good laugh at that.. many days later, i was chuckling over it still. Recently, Rita\'s life became very hectic.. and i recall the joke and realise that it had a message. Be aware someone, or something may be telling u to change gear, dont be like the lady snapping back \" I am too busy\"

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