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Finding This London Life


Written by John Daniel Thomas
Added 28th October 2009

Stations: Hackney Central

I’m John, a man struggling through life in London, circa 2009. I do a boring admin job, with moments of brief interest, and spend most of my days whiling away dreamy hours on Facebook and Gmail, buying things online and looking out the window. I then drag home and watch endless repeats and DVDs of US TV shows, or meet friends and get drunk to erase the banal hopelessness of it all. I am a frustrated writer, but I never actually write anything. Well, on 22 October 2009 I decided to turn my life around, and turn that frown upside down (so to speak). From this day forth, I will arrive promptly at my desk every morning, work diligently until lunchtime (without touching FB or Gmail), and try to leave on time at 5.30. In the evenings I will go out there and see what is so fantastic about this city we are living in, and I will take my full lunch hour, to myself, to write this blog and tell the world how this London everyman is getting on.

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