2017-02-25: Unfortunately the original weblog data was lost in the great server crash of 2016. Some of it has been restored, but old logins are all broken. If you need to edit your details, please get in touch.

Weblog Browser Demo

This is just a demo of the Weblog Browser widget. To get a copy for your website, just find your station on the map - the code you need is on the page for your station.

When you click on the icon above, a pop-up menu should appear. If you're using an older browser, it will just take you to the london bloggers homepage.

To show multiple stations in your weblog browser, change the "ids=5" part of the code into "ids=5,12" where 5 and 12 are the station IDs (you can find these out by looking at the weblog browser code on each station's page). You can add as many station IDs as you like, seperated by commas (e.g. "ids=1,2,3,4,5,6").

To use the mini version of the browser, add &mini=1 after the station ids. The mini version looks like this: